About Suzanne


Suzanne Travis G.N.S.R. M.A.R. P.R.M. 

Mob: 07791753888
Tel: 01427 872154
Email: treetops388@gmail.com

Professional Excellence

I am a fully insured reflexologist, registered with the F.H.T., The F.H.T. is a government approved association which is recognised by most medical insurance schemes. I am also a member of Professional Reflexology, a forward thinking Association who uphold high standards and professionalism.

I graduated with the Northern School of Reflexology with a level 3 Diploma in 2006. I have received extensive training in Reiki and was attuned to Reiki 1 and Tera-Mai Seichem in 2007. Two years later, after working one to one for 6 months with a Reiki master, I was attuned to Reiki 2.

I have attended numerous workshops to extend my knowledge and working practice. These include:

Reflexology conference with world wide speakers on various aspects of Reflexology
Precision Reflexology with Jan Williamson
Energy and Vibrational Healing, (including Chakra balancing and past life experience healing via the    
   feet) with Sue Ricks
* Reflexology Lymph Drainage with Sally Kay
Advanced workshop for Hot Stone Reflexology and Advanced Gentle Touch Reflexology Techniques with  
   Sue Ricks
Finger Free Reflexology with David Waite at Jubilee College
Enhancing Fertility and Maternity Care with David Waite at Jubilee College
One Day Chi Reflexology Seminar with Audrey Scully, Australian College of Chi-Reflexology
Meridian and Reflexology Training Day with Vanessa Bolton at Standish School of Reflexology
Aroma-Massage day for balance and healing with Emmalene Katayama of the Yorkshire School of           
   Holistic Aromatherapy
Japanese Tsuboki Face Massage - Level 1 with Anne Parry at Orchid Indulgence Massage and Beauty
Upper Body Acupressure with Anne Rabbitts, The Guild of Holistic Therapists
Spiritual Massage, an introduction to Advanced Healing Techniques with Emmalene Katayama of the    
   Yorkshire School of Natural Healing
Hara - The Secret Within with Paul Hand, Life Skills Center, Doncaster

My Practice

Over the last 11 years, I have built up a successful reflexology/reiki practise. I run an established Reiki/Reflexology business in the Scunthorpe and Doncaster areas. I mainly work form my home in Belton, near Scunthorpe but for those people who are unable to travel to me, I also offer mobile treatments within the local area.

I have occasionally worked at 'Empathy', Scunthorpe, a support group for relatives of addicts, Lindsey Lodge Hospice and the Mental Health Group in Goole. I have also given talks and taster sessions at different institutes including the Thorne Family Support Group where I take part in pamper evenings for the carers.

The Way I work.
Every therapist develops their own way of working which is personal to them. I am just as happy giving a one off relaxation session, or a series of more in depth treatments. Every session I hold is geared to each individual and I will adapt the treatment by using varying degrees of Reflexology, Reiki and Acupressure depending on the needs of the client. I will regularly reassess and if necessary, make adjustments as needed. A persons requirements will often change as treatment progresses. The initial Reflexology session is usually of an exploratory nature. I use the information gleaned during this session, to formulate a suitable treatment plan if required. Over the years, the sensitivity of my hands has grown considerably and I can often pin point areas of sensitivity before a client tells me about it.

My personal experience of working the feet
In my experience, the feet accurately reflect the state of our bodies. If someone has a physical problem, the corresponding area of the foot will be sensitive in some way. I can find problem areas in the body by working on the feet. Sometimes I will find areas that feel constricted in some way ie. skin tension in the area I am working. There could also be a small lump or the skin might feel less pliable or as soft as it should. Other areas may feel grainy or 'crackly' as I run my fingers over the skin. The latter usually reflects tension in the corresponding area of the body such as muscle tightness in the shoulders or on either side of the spine. The way I work is an instinctive process, combined with a built up body of knowledge, acquired through training and experience.

What You Will need for a session
For home visits, I bring my own reclining couch and everything I need for a session other than a pillow and two medium sized towels. In my therapy room in Belton, you need bring nothing else but yourself, your bare feet and an open heart!